Has America has Turned into a Fantasyland?

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What does it tell about a nation that believes in such bizarre lies!

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The Americans have reached a state of ‘everything goes,’ as Kurt Andersen charts the path of How America Lost Its Mind in in its September 2017 issue.

The religious and intellectual freedom the founding fathers of America fought for is no longer an avenue for enlightenment. Instead, it has given way to cynicism and arrogance, whereby everyone has the right to believe anything and everything, however illogical or outlandish it is. It’s an inalienable right America’s founding fathers have given them. As a corollary, they also have the right to say anything they want, and it will spread over the Internet like a wildfire.

Opinions and beliefs have replaced facts. Cult conspiracy mongers such as those in the guise of QAnon are freely spreading hatred, violence, and intolerance. Many Americans are only too happy to fall for the bizarre conspiracy theories, in an alarmingly rising trend.

America has turned into a ‘Fantasyland’ utterly devoid of rationalism. Why?

According to the US National Center for Education Statistics, four in five American adults have English literacy skills sufficient to compare information and make low-level inferences.

The state is responsible for transporting every child from home to school and back.

An overwhelming majority of the world’s top 100 universities are American.

But whatever the literacy skills, the average Americans’ intellectual maturity is questionable. The quality of public education varies depending on where you live within the state. Some states will not teach evolution, while progressive ones will. Access to higher education is limited, and most top-rated universities run as private corporations. Quality education is a consumer product, not a state-funded public good.

Consider you had four children in a single income household. All the men in your hometown worked at one manufacturing plant since they turned 18. That plant closed due to cheaper products coming from overseas. You would be more likely to listen to someone like Trump, who will tell you it is the fault of certain foreign countries or cheap migrant labor. While the better educated Americans have moved upwards with high-end jobs, those left behind will readily fall prey to the conspiracy theories and hope for a savior, real or perceived.

No wonder millions follow American churches of Seventh-day Adventists or Mormons or Scientology. And “The Light and the Glory: 1492–1793,” written in 1973, claiming that America is a divine destiny and God’s wish, still sells.

Sandy Hook School Shooting is a Hoax!

Remember the horrors of the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012? ABC News summarized the tragic event as “…20-year-old Adam Lanza broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School and opened fire, killing 20 first-graders and six staff members, along with his mother and, finally, himself.” But this tragic saga didn’t end there.

Alex Jones, an American far-right radio show host and a political extremist claimed the Sandy Hook event to be a hoax. The victims’ families sued Jones, whom the court fined for spreading false claims.

However, that didn’t prevent Jones and his supporters from harassing the victims’ families. Death threats and online harassment forced the parents of Noah Pozner, 6, killed at Sandy Hook, to relocate seven times. They now live in a high-security community, hundreds of miles from where Noah is buried.

Jones also is seeking more than $100,000 in court costs from the family of Noah Pozner. Lies and deceits have become emblematic of American society, as it allows the perpetrator of falsehood to claim compensation from the victims of his machinations.

Re-Enacting The

George Orwell perhaps saw it coming in his allegorical novella in 1945. He created a character called Squealer, a small, fat pig who could turn black into white just by talking brilliantly and charismatically. In today’s America, the preachers of ‘alternative facts,’ such as Donald Trump, Alex Jones, and QAnon, have taken over Squealer’s role.

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The disinformation machine has taken an industrial scale. It is eating up the very fabric of the society through the easily accessible, entirely unregulated Internet and the ever-profit-hungry social media platforms, by deliberately discrediting the mainstream media, berating the news professionals as elites, therefore, untrustworthy. Billions of dollars are pouring into this invisible machine of lies and utter lies, devouring ethics and morality, the very foundation of civilization. We have reached a state of total madness where winning is everything, regardless of the means or the price. Orwell’s fantasy-fiction has now become a reality in the form of a fantasy-industrial complex in America.

It is symptomatic of a totalitarian society when the masses believe in everything and nothing simultaneously, as Hannah Arendt stated in .

Donald Trump has recently refused to commit to a peaceful transition of power after the November elections. Is this happening in the United States of America, or some far-off fragile society in Africa or Asia! He has also dismissed the NYT report that he avoided federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017 as ‘fake news.’

A flood of conspiracy theories has erupted in the wake of Trump’s testing COVID-19 positive, each competing with the rest as to how outlandish it can be. One claimed that the President is going into quarantine while high-profile politicians are arrested en masse.

America doesn’t need Kremlin’s meddling in the elections; it’s quite capable of doing so itself. The rest of the world looks on in utter disbelief, as it is increasingly turning into .

Is America becoming an autocracy where despotic regimes survive on lies and deceits?

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